Artiste indépendant
Originaire de la banlieue nord de Paris, concepteur du projet CelloGraff, ma principale préoccupation se trouve au cœur de la ville, là où les codes se bouleversent, se recouvrent et disparaissent.
La rue digère tout et revêt différentes apparences au cours du temps.

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Kanos GENEVA 2022

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Kanos METZ

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Projet Barricade

Projet Barricade / Commémoration des 150 ans de la Commune de Paris
Pix by Fabe Collage
Commissioned by Gennevilliers CityHall
Organised by Osaro

Geneva Switzerland

muccha mechanic

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Endless Circle

 »… conforming to Western philosophy, which regards each center as the seat of all truth, our town centers are always full. They are places where the values of civilization are collected and condensed : values of spirituality (with churches), power (with offices), money (with banks), goods (with department stores) and words (with the ‘agora’: cafes and walks). Going downtown means encountering social ‘truth’, taking part in the sublime richness of ‘reality’. The city I’m referring to (Tokyo) presents this amazing paradox : it does have a center, but this center is empty. The whole city revolves around a place that is both forbidden and indifferent, an abode masked by vegetation, protected by moats, inhabited by an Emporer whom no one ever sees : literally, no one knows who does ever see him … Its center is no more than an evaporated ideal whose existence is not meant to radiate any kind of power, but to offer its own empty center to all urban movement as a form of support, by forcing perpetual traffic detours. Thus, it appears as an image that unfurls again and again in endless circles, around an empty core …  » Roland Barthes

Icade Paris 19e

Pix by Fabe Collage
Commissioned by Icade
Organised by Osaro
Location Paris France

Made in China 2019

KANOS | Cambodia 2018

Harmonic Orchestra

Musique d’après Modest Moussorgski, Tableaux d’une exposition 1874, adapté par Maurice Ravel 1922. Artiste : Alex Kanos Chef d’orchestre : Vincent Renaud Captation vidéo : Jonathan Dostert, Romain Pelissier Concert réalisé au profit de l’association “Autistes sans frontières 92” Copyright © iKanoGrafik, Osaro, Salle Ravel, Orchestre harmonique de Levallois, 2017

The Road Warriors 2019